Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mother Goose's Tombstone

This tombstone in the Granary Burying Ground marks the grave of a woman known as Old Mother Goose. Mary Goose was the second wife of Thomas Goose. Mary brought six children into the marriage and added to Thomas's ten children. Mother Goose sang ditties and stories to her numerous grand-children. At some point, her son-in-law, a Boston publisher, gathered these songs together and printed the first Mother Goose Rhymes. Mary Goose died at the age of 42 in 1690.


Tanya said...

Interesting! That's quite a scary tombstone!

PJ said...

I just came back from a stay in Cambridge at the monestary. Some friends visited the Granary and told me they saw this grave site. I had no idea there was a real Mother Goose!

エスタ said...

oh that is interesting, i didn't know she was a real person! thank you : ) and glad you liked my pictures ☆