Thursday, September 18, 2008

Marshall Street and Creek Square

A view of the intersection of Marshall Street and Creek Square. Why a street is called Creek Square is beyond me. Creek Square is perhaps a place that no longer exists either in fact or memory. Notice the cobble stone streets? Nice historic touch but lethal for high heels. These buildings in the Haymarket can date from the early 1800's. This is a particularly quiet moment on this corner which is HQ for par-tay central. This intersection is lined with four historic pubs: Bell in Hand; Green Dragon; Union Oyster House; and, The Point. These pubs cater to the tourist and business crowd for lunch. In the evenings, the streets are lined with college students and young professionals enjoying live music, dinners, and drinks. There is even an "Historic Pub Crawl of Boston" which offers a tour ($45.00 for 90 minutes)(I wonder if that includes the beer?) with guides dressed in 18th century costumes. Hard to imagine that one needs a guide dressed as Benjamin Frankin or Betsy Ross to toss a few brews.

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